About Temporal.PW:

Temporal.PW can convert a password into a unique temporary secure URL that is safe to send via E-Mail.

I made this because I needed a simple way to send passwords to people with whom I didn't already have end-to-end encryption established.

How to use it:

  1. Enter a good, long, random password into temporal.pw, or click "Generate a random password".

  2. E-Mail the temporary URL to someone:

    • If they're able to view the password: you know that nobody else was able to view it, and you know that that URL can't be used again later to determine the password.

    • If they see a "This password doesn't exist" error: that password was likely viewed by someone else, the recipient needs to tell you to generate a new password and send them a new temporal.pw URL.

    • If they see an "Invalid password URL" error: the URL they're attempting to view isn't the exact URL that you generated for them.

How it works:

Other Information:

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